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How to say money in Serbian

Need to know the Serbian word cash? now we have right here a long list of Serbian money related terms you may well be needing when traveling in Serbian speaking nations. Learn More

Travelling is usually very costly, for that reason it is vital to have a fine understanding of Serbian terminology for money relevant issues like for example exchanging money and banking. More Info
Serbian Language Words

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Every single country all over the world does have it’s money system. Dealing with money in Serbian speaking cities is considered the most common banking need for tourists. Consequently, it is important that you receive the most your money can buy by getting familiar with these familiar monetary terms in Serbian.

Dealing With Money in Serbian

You will find there’s list of Serbian words that can be used when dealing with cash in Serbia or simply when acquiring something in shops.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Примате ли америчке/аустралијске/канадске доларе? Primate li američke/australijske/kanadske dolare? (PREE-mah-teh lee ah-MEH-reech-keh/ ows-TRAH-lees-keh/ KAH-nahds-keh DOH-lah-reh?)
Do you accept British pounds?Примате ли британске фунте? Primate li britanske funte? (PREE-mah-teh lee BREE-tahns-keh FOON-teh?)
Do you accept credit cards?Примате ли кредитне картице? Primate li kreditne kartice? (PREE-mah-teh lee KREH-deet-neh KAHR-tee-tseh?)
Can you change money for me?Можете ли променити новац за мене? Možete li promeniti novac za mene? (MOH-zheh-teh lee proh-MEH-nee-tee NOH-vahts zah MEH-neh?)
Where can I get money changed?Где могу променити новац? Gde mogu promeniti novac? (gdeh MOH-goo proh-MEE-neh-tee NOH-vahts?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Можете ли ми променити путнички чек? Možete li mi promeniti putnički ček? (MOH-zheh-teh lee mee proh-MEH-nee-tee POOT-neech-kee chehk?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Где могу променити путнички чек? Gde mogu dobiti promeniti putnički ček? (gdeh MOH-goo proh-MEH-nee-tee POOT-neech-kee chehk?)
What is the exchange rate?Колики је курс? Koliki je kurs? (koh-LEE-kee yeh koors?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Где је банкомат? Gde je bankomat? (gdeh yeh bahn-KOH-maht?)

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