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About Serbian Consonants Chart

Wish to know do you know the consonants when it comes to Serbian language? In articulatory phonetics, a Serbian consonant is a speech sound that is articulated with complete or perhaps partial closure within the vocal region. The term consonant can also be employed to talk about a letter of the Serbian alphabet that denotes a consonant sound. Learn More

Serbian Consonants Chart

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Serbian Consonants in Alphabet

Many of the consonants are pronounced as in English, except for a few variations.
bthe 'b' in "abuse"
calways as 'ts' in "bits"
čthe 'ch' in "chair"
ćthe 'ch' in "church"
dthe 'd' in "dog"
đthe 'd(u)' in "endure"; rarely used at the beginning of a word; this letter is sometimes written as dj; [the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "ђ"]
the 'dge' in "edge", but harder [the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "џ"]; seldom used
fthe 'f' in "face"
gthe 'g' in "gone" [always hard 'g']
hthe 'ch' in "loch" [aspirated sound]
jthe 'y' in "yes"
kthe 'k' in "kick"
lthe 'l' in "like"
ljthe 'li' in "million" [the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "љ"]
mthe 'm' in "monkey"
nthe 'n' in "noise"
njthe 'ny' in "canyon" [Spanish ñ nasal sound, the Cyrillic equivalent of this letter is "њ"]
pthe 'p' in "post"
rthe 'r' in "barco" [trilled 'r' like in Spanish language]
sthe 's' in "sun"
šthe 'sh' in "shower"
tthe 't' in "talk"
vthe 'v' in "vase"
zthe 'z' in "zone"
žthe 'su' in "pleasure"
q w x and y are not part of the Serbian alphabet, and they can occur only in foreign words. Hence, "text" in Serbian is written as "tekst", "expert" as "ekspert", "wagon" as "vagon", "quota" as "kvota" and "myth" as "mit".

Serbian Diphthongs in Alphabet

ijathe 'ia' in "Lydia"
ijethe 'ie' in "miedo"
ajthe 'ie' in "pie" (ia sound)
ojthe 'oy' in "boy"
oathe 'oa' in "boa"
aosimilar to the 'ou' in "out"
eothe 'eo' in "video" ('e' as in 'there')

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