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Learn How to Say Numbers in Slovak Language

Want to know ways to voice the telephone numbers in Slovak? You may have to add up to 10 in Slovak. We have now included the two written pronunciations of methods to say the actual figures when it comes to Slovak language. We can easily perhaps present to you how to tell you major figures in Slovak successfully. Learn More

List of Numbers in Slovak Language

Now we have all of the the Slovak numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will have to find out. More …

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To help make counting the particular numbers in Slovak simpler for you, we now have divided the numbers in to scaled-down portions. Every one of these pages come with a quick video tutorial you can view to find out the ideal pronunciation.
0nula (NOO-lah)
1jeden (YEH-dehn)
2dva (DUH-vah)
3tri (trih)
4štyri (SHTIH-rih)
5päť (pehtch)
6šesť (SHEHSTCH)
7sedem (SEH-dyehm)
8osem (OH-sehm)
9deväť (JYEH-vetch)
10desať (JYEH-sahtch)
11jedenásť (YEH-deh-nahhstch)
12dvanásť (DVAH-nastch)
13trinásť (TRIH-nahhstch)
14štrnásť (SHTR-nahhstch)
15pätnásť (PEHT-nahhstch)
16šestnásť (SHEHS-nahhstch)
17sedemnásť (SEH-dyehm-nahhstch)
18osemnásť (OH-sehm-nahhstch)
19deväťnásť (JYEH-vetch-nahhstch)
20dvadsať (JVAHD-sahtch)
30tridsať (TREED-sahtch)
40štyridsať (SHTIH-rzhihd-sahtch)
50päťdesiat (PEH-tch-dyeh-syaht)
60šesťdesiat (SHEHTCH-deh-syaht)
70sedemdesiat (SEH-dyem-dyeh-syiat)
80osemdesiat (OH-sehm-dyeh-syaht)
90deväťdesiat (JYEH-vetch-dyeh-syaht)
100sto (stoh)
200dvesto (DVEHS-toh)
300tristo (TRIHS-toh)
400štyristo (SHTIH-rihs-toh)
500päťsto (pehtch stoh)
600šesťsto (shehstch stoh)
700sedemsto (SEH-dehm stoh)
800osemsto (OH-sehm stoh)
900deväťsto (DYEH-vehht-stoh)
1000tisíc (TIH-seetz)
10,000desaťtisíc (DYEH-satch-tih-seetz)
1,000,000milión (MIH-lih-ohhn)

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