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About the Colours in Slovenian

If you are contemplating to take a shopping spree in Slovenia or a Slovenian speaking region, make sure you study the colours in Slovenian language. The names of colors in Slovenian will come in incredibly invaluable when you are seeking for more selections in many merchandise you’re contemplating to shop for. Learn More

As a result of this webpage, it’s easy to quickly learn how to say the names of various colors in Slovenian. We hope by reading and learning the Slovenian colour chart down below, it will be straightforward to express many of typically the fundamental colors in Slovenian.
Slovenian Language Words

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Slovenian Colours List

blackčrna (CHEHR-nah)
whitebela (BEH-lah)
graysiva (SEE-vah)
redrdeča (rhd-DEH-chah)
bluemodra (MOH-drah)
cyansinja (SEE-nyah)
yellowrumena (roo-MEH-nah)
greenzelena (zeh-LEH-nah)
orangeoranžna (ORAHN-zhnah)
purplevijolična, škrlatna (vyoh-LEECH-nah, shkr-LAHT-nah)
brownrjava (RYAH-vah)
pinkroza (ROH-zah)

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