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Slovenian Phrases to Get Around

Prior to going on your next vacation to Slovenia or virtually any Slovenian speaking region, it’s really a good plan to read through a number of very important Slovenian travel sentences along with expressions. Regardless if this different language is absolutely not your powerful match, and you’re simply certain individuals simply cannot get around by with just English. Learn More

Knowing a number of travel related phrases in Slovenian for obtaining trains and finding out exactly how expensive is the ticket in Slovenian will go far in aiding your interaction with the local people, particularly with the ones from an older generation who’re not as much familiar with English language. More..
Slovenian Language Words

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Getting Bus and Trains in Slovenian

How much is a ticket to _____?Koliko/Kolko je vozovnica do_____? (koh-LEE-koh/KOHL-koh yeh VOH-zohv-nee-tsah doh...?)
One ticket to _____, please.Eno vozovnico do _____, prosim. (EH-noh VOH-zohv-nee-tsoh doh...?)
Where does this train/bus go?Kam gre ta vlak/avtobus? (kahm greh tah vlahk/AHF-toh-boos?)
Where is the train/bus to _____?Kje ima odhod vlak/avtobus do _____? (kyeh EE-mah OHD-khohd vlahk/AHF-toh-boos doh...?)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Ali ta vlak/avtobus ustavi v _____? (AH-lee tah vlahk/AHF-toh-boos OOS-tah-vee veh...?)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?Kdaj odide vlak/avtobus za _____? (kdai OH-dee-deh vlahk/AHF-toh-boos zah...?)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?Kdaj pride vlak/avtobus v _____? (kdai PREE-deh vlahk/AHF-toh-boos veh...?)
bus stationavtobusna postaja (ow-toh-BOOS-nah POHS-tah-yah)
train stationželezniška postaja (ZHEH-lehz-neesh-kah POHS-tah-yah)
waiting roomčakalnica (CHAH-kahl-nee-tsah)
ticket saleprodaja vozovnic (PROH-dah-yah VOH-zohf-neets)
trackperon (PEH-rohn)
ticketvozovnica (VOH-zohv-nee-tsah)
seatsedež (SEH-dehzh)
coachvagon (VAH-gohn)
conductorsprevodnik (SPREH-vohd-neek)
express trainekspresni vlak (ehx-PREHS-nee vlahk)
intercity trainIC vlak (EE-TSEH vlahk)
Slovenian RailwaysSlovenske železnice (SŽ) (SLOH-vehn-skeh ZHEH-lehzh-nee-tseh (SEH-ZHEH))

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