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Learn How to Say Numbers in Slovenian Language

Need to know the right way to repeat the telephone numbers in Slovenian? You might like to count up to 20 in Slovenian. We certainly have listed both written pronunciations of ways to say the figures when it comes to Slovenian language. It is possible to also present to you ways to tell you major amounts in Slovenian comfortably. Learn More

List of Numbers in Slovenian Language

We have all of the the Slovenian numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, underneath that you may need to know. More …

Slovenian Language Words

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To help make counting the particular numbers found in Slovenian easier, we now have separated the numbers in to smaller sized portions. Each of these webpages come with a short video tutorial you can enjoy to understand the most suitable pronunciation.
0nič (nihch)
1ena (EH-nah)
2dva (dvah)
3tri (tree)
4štiri (SHTEE-rih)
5pet (peht)
6šest (shehst)
7sedem (SEH-dehm)
8osem (OH-sehm)
9devet (deh-VEHT)
10deset (deh-SEHT)
11enajst (eh-NAIST)
12dvanajst (dvah-NAIST)
13trinajst (tree-NAIST)
14štirinajst (shtih-rih-NAIST)
15petnajst (peht-NAIST)
16šestnajst (shest-NAIST)
17sedemnajst (seh-dehm-NAIST)
18osemnajst (oh-sehm-NAIST)
19devetnajst (deh-veht-NAIST)
20dvajset (DVAI-seht)
21enaindvajset (eh-nain-DVAI-seht)
30trideset (TREE-deh-seht)
40štirideset (shtee-rih-DEH-seht)
50petdeset (PEHT-deh-seht)
60šestdeset (SHEST-deh-seht)
70sedemdeset (SEH-dehm-deh-seht)
80osemdeset (OH-sehm-deh-seht)
90devetdeset (deh-VEHT-deh-seht)
100sto (stoh)
101sto ena (stoh eh-nah)
200dvesto (DVEHS-toh)
300tristo (TREES-toh)
400štiristo (shtee-REES-toh)
500petsto (PEHT-stoh)
600šeststo (SHEH-stoh)
700sedemsto (SEH-dehm-stoh)
800osemsto (OH-sehm-stoh)
900devetsto (deh-VEHT-stoh)
1000tisoč (TEE-sohch)
1001tisoč ena (tee-SOHCH EH-nah)
2000dva tisoč (Dvah TEE-sohch)
10,000deset tisoč (DEH-seht TEE-sohch)
1,000,000milijon (mee-LYOHN)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)številka (shteh-VEEL-kah)_____ (vlak, avtobus, itd.)
halfpol (pohl)
lessmanj (mahnj)
moreveč (vehch)

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