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About Getting Directions in Swahili Language

While you are venturing in Kenya or any nation where people speak Swahili, do you know the way to get to your holiday location? Traveling in Swahili-speaking cities could be inspiring not to mention adventurous. Learn More

Nevertheless, it’s essential to find out ways to ask directions in Swahili as well as understand what you happen to be told. Swahili Phrases For Direction
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This kind of Swahili vocabulary under will help you fully grasp instructions in Swahili.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Swahili

How do I get to _____ ?Je, ninakwenda ____
I want to go to ____Ninataka kuenda ____
Which direction?Mwelekeo upi?
...the train station?Kituo/stesheni cha treni/gari la moshi
...the bus station?Kituo/stesheni cha basi
...the airport?Uwanja wa ndegi
Town centerKatikati ya mjini
...the youth hostel?
...the _____ hotel?Hoteli _____ iko wapi? (but 'hoteli' often refers to a place to eat, especially in Kenya)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?
ConsulateBalozi ndogo (but probably better to ask for 'Ubalozi')
Where are there a lot of......hotels?
...restaurants?migahawa (singular is 'mgahawa')
...bars?Baa (same in plural)
...sites to see?
Can you show me on the map?Unaweza nionyesha katika ramani? (maps are not widely understood; street names and directions are less frequently used than local landmarks, which you need to learn for each area. Bus stations, bus stops, expensive hotels, monuments, and even some very unlikely items, constitute recognized landmarks)
Where is it on the map?Iko wapi katika ramani?
Turn left.Pinda kushoto
Turn right.Pinda kulia
straight aheadMoja kwa moja
towards the _____
close to _____Karibu na
past the _____Baada ya ____/Pita ya _____
before the _____Kabla ya ____
Watch for the _____.Angalia kwa ____
uphillkwenye mlima

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