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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Swedish Language

Need to book a hotel room in Sweden? How would you say, I wish to book an accommodation in Swedish? Important Swedish terms for booking a room in resorts or planning to ask for a room with a veranda. Learn More

While using the Swedish holiday accommodation similar words below, find out how to pose your questions in Swedish. A number of these questions include: “how many nights you’ll be reserving for?” or “how much would it cost to book a room?” Hopefully, you will be able to master the responses in Swedish.
Swedish Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Finns det några rum lediga? (Feens dat noogra room ladiga)
How much is a room for one person/two/three/four people?Vad kostar ett rum för en person/två/tre/fyra personer(vahd koostar at room fur ahn pahrsoon/tfoo/trah/feera parsoonar)
Does the room come with...Inkluderas ... i rummet (Ehnkluhdehras ... ee roomat)
...bedsheets?...lakan? (laa can)
...a bathroom?...ett badrum? (at baahd room)
...a telephone?...en telefon? (ahn tahlephoon)
...a TV?...en TV? (ahn teh veh)
May I see the room first?Får jag se rummet först? (Fohr yag seh roomat first?)
Do you have anything smaller?Finns det något mindre? (feens dat noogot meendra?)
...bigger?...större? (stuh rah)
...cleaner?...renare? (rehnara)
...cheaper?...billigare? (beelee gaa rah)
OK, I'll take it.OK, jag tar det. (Oh-key, yag taar dat)
I will stay for _____ night (nights).Jag stannar _____ natt (nätter). (yag stahnahr ____ nat (natar))
Can you suggest another hotel?Kan du föreslå ett annat hotell? (Can doo fur-ah-sloo at ahnat hohtahl)
Do you have a safe?Har du ett kassaskåp? (Hahr doo at cassascope)
...lockers?...låsbara skåp? (loosbahra scope)
Is breakfast/supper included?Ingår frukost/kvällsmat (kvällsmat can also be called middag [more common])? (ingoor froo-kost/ kvahlsmat (meedag))
What time is breakfast/supper?När är det frukost/kvällsmat (middag)? (Nehr are det froo-kost/kvahlsmat (meedag))
Please clean my room.Gör rent mitt rum, är ni snäll. (Yur rent meet room, ehr nee snahl) Or: "Städa mitt rum, tack" (stahda met room, tack)
Can you wake me at _____?Kan du väcka mig klockan _____? (Can doo vacka may clockan)
I want to check out.Jag vill checka ut. (Yag veel chaca oot)

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