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How do we say the Days of the week in Swedish language

If you are exploring in Sweden and someone actually asks you in Swedish “what day is it today?” you will need to understand how to tell the days of the 7 days in Swedish quickly and easily. What if people asks “when am I going to meet you again?” You’ll want to write the time in Swedish maybe. Apply our day phrases in Swedish down below to know the full week days in Swedish. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Swedish

todayidag (ee dag)
tonightinatt (ee nat)
yesterdayigår (ee goor)
yesternightigår natt (ee goor nat)
the day before yesterdayi förrgår (ee fur goor)
tomorrowimorgon (ee moor goon)
the day after tomorrowi övermorgon (ee uh vahr moorgoon)
this weekdenna vecka (dehn a vecka)
last weekförra veckan (fur a veckan)
next weeknästa vecka (nesta vecka)
Please note that the first day in week in Sweden is Monday, not Sunday.
Sundaysöndag (Sun daag)
Mondaymåndag (moon daag)
Tuesdaytisdag (Tees daag)
Wednesdayonsdag (oons daag)
Thursdaytorsdag (toosh daag)
Fridayfredag (fraah daag)
Saturdaylördag (lur daag)

Months in Swedish Language

Januaryjanuari (yaan oo ah ree)
Februaryfebruari (fab roo ah ree)
Marchmars (maash)
Aprilapril (aa preel)
Maymaj (my)
Junejuni (yoo nee)
Julyjuli (yoo lee)
Augustaugusti (ao goo stee)
Septemberseptember (sap tam bahr)
Octoberoktober (ohk too bahr)
Novembernovember (noo vam baar)
Decemberdecember (dah sam baar)

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