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Do you know what exactly to express when you are having trouble in Turkish? You may be in a scenario where an individual is annoying you or perhaps you had missing your travelling bag inside a region where they talk in Turkish. Learn More

People do not need to worry. We collected a variety of Turkish words and phrases which you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Turkish Language

Help!İmdat! (Im Daht !)
Help!Yardım Edin! (Yard um ed in)
Accidentkaza (ka za)
Doctordoktor (dok tor)
Leave me alone.Beni yalnız bırak. (beh nee yahl nuz bu rahk)
Don't touch me!Bana dokunma! (bah nah doh koon mah)
I'll call the police.Polisi arayacağım. (poh lee see ah rah yah jaa uhm)
Police!Polis! (poh lees)
Stop! Thief!Dur! Hırsız! (door huhr suhz)
I need your help.Yardımınıza ihtiyacım var. (yahr duh muh nuh zah eeh tee yah juhm vahr)
It's an emergency.Acil durum. (ah jeel doo room)
I'm lost.Kayboldum. (kahy bohl doom)
I lost my bag.Çantamı kaybettim. (chahn tah muh kahy beht teem)
I lost my wallet.Cüzdanımı kaybettim. (jooz dah nuh muh kahy beht teem)
I'm sick.Hastayım. (hahs tah yuhm)
I've been injured.Yaralandım. (yah rah lahn duhm)
I need a doctor.Bir doktora ihtiyacım var. (beer dohk toh rah eeh tee yah jum vahr)
Can I use your phone?Telefonunuzu kullanabilir miyim? (teh leh foh noo noo zoo kool lah nah bee leer mee yeem)

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