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Learn How to Say Numbers in Urdu Language

Would like to know the best way to pronounce the telephone numbers in Urdu? You might like to add up to Ten in Urdu. You’ll find provided both written pronunciations of ways to state the actual numbers when it comes to Urdu language. We can also show you the best way to say major amounts in Urdu quickly. Learn More

List of Numbers in Urdu Language

Now we have virtually all the Urdu numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you’ll want to study. More …

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To help make counting the particular numbers in Urdu easier, we certainly have categorised the numbers in to smaller parts. Each one of these webpages include a brief video you can view to master the correct pronunciation.
1aik (ایک)
2dou (دو)
3teen (تین)
4char (چار)
5panch (پانچ)
6chhe (چھ)
7saat (سات)
8aath (آٹھ)
9nau (نو)
10das (دس)
11gayara گیارہ)
12baara (بارہ)
13teera (تیرہ)
14choda (چودہ)
15pandra (پندرہ)
16sola (سولہ)
17satra (سترہ)
18athara (اٹھارہ)
19unees (انیس)
20bees (بیس)
21ikees (اکیس)
22baees (بائیس)
23taees (تیئیس)
30tees (تیس)
40chalees (چالیس)
50pachaas (پچاس)
60saath (ساٹھ)
70sattar (ستر)
80assi (اسی')
90naway (نوے)
100aik sou (ایک سو)
200dou sou (دو سو)
300teen sou (تین سو)
1000aik hazaar (ایک ہزار)
2000dou hazaar (دو ہزار)
100,000aik lakh (ایک ﻻﻛﻬ)
1,000,000das lakh (ﻬﻛﻻ ﺱﺩ)
10,000,000karore (ﮌﻭﺮﻛ)
100,000,000das karore (ﮌﻭﺮﻛ ﺱﺩ)
1,000,000,000arab (اﺭﺏ)
10,000,000,000das arab (دس اﺭﺏ)
100,000,000,000kharab (ﺏﺮﻬﻛ)
1,000,000,000,000das kharab (ﺏﺮﻬﻛ دس)
number _____ (bus, etc.)bus number _____ (_____بس نمبر)
halfaadha (ادھا)
lesskam (کم)
moreziyada (زیادہ)

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