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Vietnamese Phrases to Get Around

Before you go on your next visit to Vietnam or virtually any Vietnamese speaking region, it is a great idea to learn a number of necessary Vietnamese travel sentences along with expressions. Even though this specific different language is not really your powerful suit, and you’re certain many people is not able to get around by with only English. Learn More

Knowing a number of travel related phrases in Vietnamese when getting trains and figuring out how much is the ticket in Vietnamese goes far in assisting your conversation with the locals, especially with the ones from a more mature generation who’re a lot less comfortable with English language. More..
Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online

Vietnamese Language Words

Learn Vietnamese Language Online


Getting Bus and Trains in Vietnamese

How much is a ticket to _____?Một vé đến _____ là bao nhiêu? (mo'oht veah? dehn? _____ lah... bao nyee-oh)
One ticket to _____, please.Xin cho tôi một vé đến _____. (seen chaw toy mo'oht veah? dehn? _____)
Where does this train/bus go?Tàu/xe này đi đâu? (tao.../seh nay...! dee doh)
Where is the train/bus to _____?Tàu/xe đi đến _____ ở đâu? (tao.../seh dee dehn _____ uh...uh? doh)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Tàu/xe này có ngừng tại _____ không? (tao.../seh nay...! kaw? ngeung... thah'ee _____ kohng)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?Tàu/xe đi _____ chạy lúc nào? (tao.../seh dee _____ chai loohk? nahh-oh...)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?Khi nào tàu/xe này xẽ đến _____? (kee now tao.../seh nay...! seh'uh? dehn? _____)

Select the links directly below to see a number of useful Vietnamese travel words that are organized by theme. For every holiday phrase in Vietnamese, you will find the English translation.

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