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A complex speech sound or maybe glide which commences with one particular Arabic vowel and eventually transforms to a new Arabic vowel while in the identical syllable, as (oi) in boil or (i) in fine. A diphthong when it comes to Arabic language (literally indicates “two sounds” or “two tones”), generally known as a gliding vowel. Arabic diphthong is referred to as two neighboring vowel sounds taking place while in the exact same syllable.
Really, a Arabic diphthong is definitely a vowel using two completely different goals – that’s, your tongue moves in the course of the pronunciation within the vowel. Learn More

Diphthongs present in Arabic language vary with monophthongs, while the tongue won’t move around basically one vowel sound is noticed in a syllable. Wherever two adjacent vowel sounds appear in different syllables-for example, in the English phrase re-elect the result is referred to as hiatus, and not as a diphthong.
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Diphthongs in Arabic Language generally form the moment separate Arabic vowels are operated jointly throughout fast conversation during the dialogue when it comes to Arabic Language.

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