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About Lithuanian Consonants Chart

Wish to know which are the consonants in Lithuanian language? In articulatory phonetics, the Lithuanian consonant is usually a speech sound that’s articulated with complete or simply partial closure in the vocal region. The term consonant is additionally used to relate to a letter of a Lithuanian alphabet that implies a consonant sound. Learn More

Lithuanian Consonants Chart

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Lithuanian Consonants in Alphabet

B bLike "b" in "bat".
C cLike "ts" in "cats".
Č čLike "ch" in "cheese".
D dLike "d" in "dad".
F fLike "f" in "food".
G gLike "g" in "good".
H hLike "h" in "hat".
J jLike "y" in "you".
K kLike "k" in "keep".
L lLike "l" in "look".
M mLike "m" in "mud".
N nLike "n" in "no".
P pLike "p" in "pat".
R rLike "r" in "run" but trilled.
S sLike "s" in "sat".
Š šLike "sh" in "sheet".
T tLike "t" in "top".
V vLike "v" in "very".
Z zLike "z" in "zebra".
Ž žLike "s" in "treasure".

Lithuanian Diphthongs in Alphabet

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