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For anyone who is in South Africa or a Afrikaan speaking region, ever wondered how to tell the actual time in Afrikaan? Telling the time in Afrikaan is all about understanding the Afrikaan numbers and certain guidelines concerning the hours, minutes and seconds in Afrikaan. Learn More

In this particular webpage, you will learn easily the best way to tell the time in Afrikaan while using the subsequent phrases for:

List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Afrikaan Language

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Need to know how to say five o’clock in Afrikaan? Make use of the phrases down below to guide you tell the present time on the actual clock in Afrikaan.
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Make use of the fundamental Afrikaan sentences to determine the time duration such as a Year, Week and a Month in Afrikaan language.
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Click on the links directly below to see a number of beneficial Afrikaan travel keyword phrases which you’ll find structured by category. For each holiday word or phrase in Afrikaan, there’ll be the actual English translation.

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