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If you’re in Saudi Arabia or maybe a Arabic speaking country, have you ever wondered the right way to tell the time in Arabic? Telling the actual time in Arabic is dependant on comprehending the Arabic numbers and a few tips with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Arabic. Learn More

Within this web site, you’ll find out quite easily how to tell the time when it comes to Arabic while using following words and phrases for:
Arabic Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Arabic Language

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Want to find out the correct way to say six o-clock in Arabic? Use the key phrases listed below that may help you tell the latest time on the actual clock in Arabic.
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Make use of the basic Arabic words and phrases to determine the time length such as a Year, Week and a Calendar month when it comes to Arabic language.
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Click on the hyperlinks directly below to check out a number of practical Arabic holiday keyword phrases that are sorted by category. For each travel phrase in Arabic, you will find the actual English translation.

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