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About Months in Japanese Language

Knowing the way to know the months in Japanese is quite helpful and normally be looked at as fundamental Japanese vocabulary. We’ve stated the months in Japanese language below that may help you pronounce the months in Japanese. Learn More

List of the Months in Japanese

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The 1st through the 10th of the month have special names:
First day of the month1日 (tsuitachi)
Second day of the month2日 (futsuka)
Third day of the month3日 (mikka)
Fourth day of the month4日 (yokka)
Fifth day of the month5日 (itsuka)
Sixth day of the month6日 (muika)
Seventh day of the month7日 (nanoka)
Eighth day of the month8日 (yōka)
Ninth day of the month9日 (kokonoka)
Tenth day of the month10日 (tōka)
The other days of the month are more orderly, just add the suffix -nichi to the ordinal number. Note that 14, 20, and 24 deviate from this pattern.
Eleventh day of the month11日 (jūichinichi)
Fourteenth day of the month14日 (jūyokka)
Twentieth day of the month20日 (hatsuka)
Twenty-fourth day of the month24日 (nijūyokka)
Months are very orderly in Japanese, just add the suffix -gatsu to the ordinal number.
January1月 (ichigatsu)
February2月 (nigatsu)
March3月 (sangatsu)
April4月 (shigatsu)
May5月 (gogatsu)
June6月 (rokugatsu)
July7月 (shichigatsu)
August8月 (hachigatsu)
September9月 (kugatsu)
October10月 (jūgatsu)
November11月 (jūichigatsu)
December12月 (jūnigatsu)

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