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A complex speech sound or perhaps glide that begins with one particular Portuguese vowel and progressively adjusts to another Portuguese vowel while in the exact syllable, just as (oi) in boil or (i) in fine. A diphthong in Portuguese language (actually means “two sounds” or “two tones”), typically known as a gliding vowel. Portuguese diphthong is known as two adjacent vowel sounds happening while in the same syllable.
Basically, a Portuguese diphthong really is a vowel having two completely different objectives – which is, your tongue moves throughout the pronunciation of the vowel. Learn More

Diphthongs found in Portuguese language contrast with monophthongs, where the tongue does not rotate and only one particular vowel sound happens to be heard in a syllable. Wherever two adjacent vowel sounds occur in different syllables-for instance, in the English word re-elect the result is identified as hiatus, not as a diphthong.
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Diphthongs in Portuguese Language often form whenever different Portuguese vowels are run mutually with regard to fast conversation during a conversation in Portuguese Language.

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