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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Uzbek Language

Desire to reserve a hotel room in Uzbekistan? Exactly how do you say, I wish to reserve an accommodation in Uzbek? Practical Uzbek vocabulary for reserving a room in lodges or wishing to require a room with a deck. Learn More

When using the Uzbek holiday accommodation relevant sentences listed below, you’ll get to express your questions in Uzbek. A number of these inquiries include: “how many days you’re booking for?” or “how much will it cost to book a room?” Ideally, it will be easier to be familiar with the replies in Uzbek.
Uzbek Language Words

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Do you have any rooms?Sizga khona bormi?

Click on the links below to check out a list of beneficial Uzbek holiday key phrases that are structured by group. For every holiday word or phrase in Uzbek, you will find the actual English interpretation.

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