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Alphabet in Italian Language

Knowing the Italian alphabet is crucial in mastering the Italian Language. Italian alphabet structure is put into use in a daily conversation. With out the Italian alphabet, it is difficult to say the Italian words correctly even if a person understand how to write those key phrases in Italian. Learn More

Like in any language, the better a person articulate a letter in a word, the better grasped you will be in talking the Italian language. Listed here are web links that directs you to the Italian alphabet and how it can be pronounced in English.
Italian Language Words

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Vowels in Italian Alphabet

aas in "father"
eas in "set"
ias in "machine"
oas in "close", but undiphthongized
ulike 'oo' in "hoop"

Consonants in Italian Alphabet

Silent IIf ci or gi is followed by another vowel, the i is silent. For example, giallo (yellow) is pronounced "JAHL-loh".
blike 'b' in "bed"
clike 'k' in "kid" (before 'a', 'o', 'u'), like 'ch' in "chipper" (before 'i' or 'e')
dlike 'd' in "dog"
flike 'ph' in "phone"
glike 'g' in "go" (before 'a', 'o', 'u'), like 'j' in "jello" (before 'i' or 'e'), silent before an 'l' as in 'Luglio'
llike 'l' in "love"
mlike 'm' in "mother"
nlike 'n' in "nice"
plike 'p' in "pig"
qlike 'q' in "quest" (almost always with "u",)
rtrill with the tip of the tongue
slike 'ss' in "gas"
tlike 't' in "top"
vlike 'v' in "victory"
zas in "pizza" or "adze"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Italian Alphabet

ailike 'i' in "fight"
aulike 'ow' in "brown"
eilike 'ay' in "say"
eulike the 'eu' similar to the Spanish word "Europa"
eeidentical vowels [stress on the first vowel " idee " (ee-DEH-eh)]
ialike 'ia' similar to the Spanish word "mía"
ielike 'ie' similar to the Spanish word "miedo"
iiidentical vowels [stress on the first vowel " addii " (ahd-DEE-ee)]
iolike 'io' as in the Spanish word "tío" and similar to the 'eo' in "Leo"
iulike 'ew' in "few"
oilike 'oy' in "boy"
ooidentical vowels [stress on the first vowel " zoo " (DZOH-oh)]
uolike 'wo' in "won't"

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