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About the Colours in Italian

If you find yourself contemplating to go on a shopping spree in Italy or a Italian speaking country, make sure you learn the colours in Italian language. Names of colours in Italian will come in incredibly useful when you’re looking for more possible choices in many goods you’re thinking to shop for. Learn More

Using this specific webpage, you can easily learn to reveal the names of various colours in Italian. We hope that by examining and learning the Italian colour chart below, it will be easier to understand more or less all the actual fundamental colors in Italian.
Italian Language Words

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Italian Colours List

blacknero (NEH-roh)
whitebianco (BYAHN-koh)
graygrigio (GREE-joh)
redrosso (ROHS-soh)
blueblu (bloo)
yellowgiallo (JAHL-loh)
greenverde (VEHR-deh)
orangearancione (ah-rahn-CHOH-neh)
purpleviola (VYOH-lah)
brownmarrone (mahr-ROH-neh)

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