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Learn How to Say Numbers in Persian Language

Want to know tips on how to pronounce the actual phone numbers in Persian? You might like to count up to Twenty in Persian. We certainly have included the two written pronunciations of how to talk about the figures in Persian language. We are able to actually present to you the best way to pronounce major amounts in Persian very easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Persian Language

We have now all the Persian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you will need to learn. More …

Persian Language Words

Learn Persian Language Online


In order to make counting the particular numbers found in Persian simpler, we now have categorised the numbers in to smaller parts. Each of these webpages come with a quick online video you can enjoy to understand the proper pronunciation.

Select the links directly below to find a number of practical Persian holiday words and phrases which you’ll find arranged by theme. For each travel phrase in Persian, you will see the actual English translation.

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