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Persian Vowels: Learn How to Pronounce Them Easily

Persian vowels throughout Persian Alphabet is actually a sound which is pronounced by using your lips (when it comes to nasal vowels, the use of your nose) without any obstruction of the lips, tongue, or throat.There are actually certainly a variety of regular regulations to keep in mind any time saying Persian vowels. Learn More

The articulatory characteristics which usually differentiate various Persian vowel sounds usually are said to look for the vowel’s quality when it comes to Persian Language. Inside a well known vowel system just like Persian vowel method, there are usual attributes – height (vertical dimension), blackness (horizontal dimension) and roundedness (lips placement). Learn The Persian Vowels
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You will find having said that also far more possible features of Persian vowel good quality, for example the velum position (nasality), kind of vocal fold vibrations (phonation), along with tongue root location.

List of Persian Vowels in Persian Alphabet

Persian Vowels in Alphabet

Persian Semi Vowels in Alphabet

Select the links directly below to find a list of helpful Persian holiday words and phrases which are structured by category. For each holiday phrase in Persian, you will notice the English interpretation.

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