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Do you know precisely what to state when you’re having problems in Urdu? You may be in a scenario where somebody is annoying you or you had lost your bag in a country in which they speak Urdu. Learn More

You don’t need to be concerned. We compiled a number of Urdu words which you can use in a crisis. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Urdu Language

Leave me alone.Mhujhey akela chor do. (مجھے اکیلا چھور دو)
Don't bother me.Mhujhey tang na karoh. ( مجھے تنگ نہ کرو)
Don't touch me!Mhujhey na cheroh (مجھے نہ چھیڑو)
Should I call the police.Mein police ko call karoon? (میں پولیس کو کال کروں؟)
Police!Police! (پولیس)
Stop! Thief!Ruko! Chor! (رکو! چور!۔)
I need your help.meri maddat karain. ( میری مدد کریں)
It's an emergency.emergency hai. (ایمرجنسی ہے)
I'm lost.mein ghum ho gaya hoon. (میں گم گیا ہوں)
I lost my bag.Mera bag ghum gaya. (بیگ گم ہو گیا)
I lost my wallet.mera battwa ghum gaya. (بٹوہ گم ہوگیا)
I'm sick.mei bimaar hoon. (میں بیمار ہوں)
I've been injured.mei zhakhmi hoon. (میں زخمی ہوں)
I need a doctor.Mujhe doctor ki zaroorat hai. (ڈاکٹر کی ضرورت ہے)
Can I use your phone?Aapka phone istamaal kar loon? (آپکا فون استعمال کرلوں؟)
Where is __________?Kahan pher hayh ____________?

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