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About the Colours in Hungarian

When you are planning to go on a shopping spree in Hungary or a Hungarian speaking region, don’t forget to find out the colours in Hungarian language. Names of colors in Hungarian will come in extremely useful while you are searching for additional possible choices in a number of merchandise your are considering to purchase. Learn More

Starting from this web page, it is simple to learn how to say the names a variety of colours in Hungarian. We believe by reading and understanding the Hungarian color chart down below, it will be easy to know more or less all the actual fundamental colours in Hungarian.
Hungarian Language Words

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Hungarian Colours List

blackfekete (FE-ke-te)
whitefehér (FE-heyr)
grayszürke (SŮR-ke)
redpiros (PI-rosh), vörös (VØ-røsh)
bluekék (keyk)
yellowsárga (SHAR-gå)
greenzöld (zøld)
orangenarancssárga (NÅ-rånch-shar-gå)
purplelila (LI-lå)
brownbarna (BÅR-nå)

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