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If you’re in Hungary or maybe a Hungarian speaking country, have you ever wondered how to tell the actual time in Hungarian? Telling the actual time in Hungarian depends upon knowing the Hungarian numbers and certain rules with regards to the hours, minutes and seconds in Hungarian. Learn More

On this site, you’ll learn simply how you can reveal to the time in Hungarian with all the following terms regarding:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Hungarian Language

nowmost (mosht)
laterkésőbb (KEY-shø̱b)
beforeelőbb (E-lø̱b)
early morning (before sunrise)hajnal (HÅY-nål)
early morning (after sunrise but before around 9 a.m.)reggel (REG-gel)
morningdélelőtt (DEY-le-lø̱t)
afternoondélután (DEY-lou-tan)
eveningeste (ESH-te)
nightéjszaka/éjjel (EY-så-kå/EY-yel)

Want to know the way to say six o’clock in Hungarian? Utilize the sentences listed below to help you tell the existing time on the clock in Hungarian.
In Hungary as in many other European countries, it's usual to use a 24 hour clock, ranging from 0.00 to 24.00. Okay, 24.00 is actually the same as 0.00, but one day later.
one o'clock AMhajnali egy óra (HÅY-nål-i edj OA-rå)
two o'clock AMhajnali két óra (HÅY-nål-i keyt OA-rå)
nine o'clock AMkilenc óra (KI-lents OA-rå)
noondél (deyl)
one o'clock PMdélután egy óra (DEY-lou-tan edj OA-rå)
two o'clock PMdélután két óra (DEY-lou-tan keyt OA-rå)
nine o'clock PMeste kilenc óra (ESH-te KI-lents OA-rå)
midnightéjfél (EY-feyl)

Take advantage of the basic Hungarian terms to determine the time period like a Year, Week and a Month when it comes to Hungarian language.
_____ minute(s)_____ perc (perts)
_____ hour(s)_____ óra (OA-rå)
_____ day(s)_____ nap (nåp)
_____ week(s)_____ hét (heyt)
_____ month(s)_____ hónap (HOA-nåp)
_____ year(s)_____ év (eyv)

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