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About Icelandic Consonants Chart

Would like to know do you know the consonants in Icelandic language? In articulatory phonetics, the Icelandic consonant is really a speech sound that is articulated by using complete as well as partial closure within the vocal system. The term consonant is usually employed to talk about a letter of the Icelandic alphabet that signifies a consonant sound. Learn More

Icelandic Consonants Chart

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Icelandic Consonants in Alphabet

Prefix attack
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Prefixes: be-, bel-, ber-, di-, ke-, me-, mem-, men-, meng-, per-, se-, ter-
Postfixes: -an, -i, -kan, -lah, -nya
blike 'b' in "bed"
bhlike 'b' in "bed", only in Sanskrit borrowings
c (ch, tj)like 'ch' in "China"
dlike 'd' in "dog"
dhlike 'd' in "dog", only in Sanskrit borrowings
flike 'ph' in "phone"
glike 'g' in "go"
hlike 'h' in "help"
j (dj)like 'dg' in "edge"
klike 'c' in "cat", or a glottal stop at the end of a word (sounds like it's silent, if you're not used to it).
kh (ch)like 'ch' in "loch"
llike 'l' in "love"
mlike 'm' in "mother"
nlike 'n' in "nice"
nglike 'ng' in "sing" (no hard 'g' sound)
ngglike 'ng' in "finger" ('ng' plus a hard 'g')
nylike 'ny' in "canyon"
plike 'p' in "pig"
qsimilar to the 'k' or 'kh' sound (with "u", almost always, only in Arabic borrowings)
rlike 'rr' in Spanish "perro"
slike 'ss' in "hiss"
sy (sj)like 'sh' in "sheep"
tlike 't' in "top"
vthe same as 'f' (like 'ph' in "phone")
wlike 'w' in "weight"
xlike 'cks' in "kicks"
y (j)like 'y' in "yes"
zEither the same as 's' (like 's' in "hiss"), or like 'z' in "haze", or like 'dg' in "edge"

Icelandic Diphthongs in Alphabet

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