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Icelandic Vowels: Learn How to Pronounce Them Easily

Icelandic vowels when it comes to Icelandic Alphabet is usually a sound which is pronounced simply by using your mouth (when it comes to nasal vowels, the use of your nose) without any blockage of the lips, tongue, or throat.There is certainly several standard rules to bear in mind when ever saying Icelandic vowels. Learn More

The articulatory features which identify diverse Icelandic vowel sounds are usually said to look for the vowel’s high quality in Icelandic Language. In a very well developed vowel system just like Icelandic vowel structure, there are many normal features – height (vertical dimension), blackness (horizontal dimension) and roundedness (lips position). Learn The Icelandic Vowels
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There are however also more possible attributes of Icelandic vowel good quality, such as velum position (nasality), type of vocal fold vibrations (phonation), and tongue root location.

List of Icelandic Vowels in Icelandic Alphabet

Icelandic Vowels in Alphabet

alike 'a' in "father" (never like "cat")
eone (and by far the more common) is the schwa sound, as in 'e' in "stern", "learn","vowel"
esecond one is like the 'e' in "bed", "red".
eand third is like in 'a' in "foray" and "came"
i (ie, j)like 'i' in "thin" or 'i' in "antique"
olike 'ow' in "low", in open positions or like 'o' in "top" in close positions
u (oe)like 'oo' in "hoop", in open positions or like 'o' in “hope” in close positions

Icelandic Semi Vowels in Alphabet

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