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How do we say the Days of the week in Korean language

When you are exploring in Korea and people asks you in Korean “what day is it today?” you will have to know how to communicate the days of the full week in Korean quickly and easily. What if people asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You’ll want to write the time in Korean maybe. Start using our day sentences in Korean under to tell the week days in Korean. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Korean

today오늘 (oneul)
yesterday어제 (eoje)
tomorrow내일 (nae-il)
this week이번 주 (ibeon ju)
last week지난 주 (jinan ju)
next week다음 주 (da-eum ju)
Sunday일요일 (ilyoil)
Monday월요일 (wolyoil)
Tuesday화요일 (hwayoil)
Wednesday수요일 (suyoil)
Thursday목요일 (mogyoil)
Friday금요일 (geumyoil)
Saturday토요일 (toyoil)

Months in Korean Language

The names of the months in Korean are simply the Sino-Korean numbers 1 through 12 followed by the word 월 (month).
January1월 (일월) ilwol
February2월 (이월) iwol
March3월 (삼월) samwol
April4월 (사월) sawol
May5월 (오월) owol
June*6월 (유월) yuwol
July7월 (칠월) chilwol
August8월 (팔월) palwol
September9월 (구월) guwol
October*10월 (시월) siwol
November11월 (십일월) sibilwol
December12월 (십이월) sibiwol
The number component of 6월 and 10월 drop the final consonant for purposes of liaison.

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