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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Norwegian Language

Need to know ways to repeat the actual contact numbers in Norwegian? You might want to add up to 20 in Norwegian. We’ve provided both written pronunciations of methods to say the actual numbers when it comes to Norwegian language. It is possible to also show you how you can tell you great figures in Norwegian quickly. Learn More

List of Numbers in Norwegian Language

We have now pretty much all the Norwegian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you’ll want to study. More …

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To ensure counting the particular numbers found in Norwegian simpler, we have divided the numbers in to smaller sized portions. Each of these pages include a brief video recording you can enjoy to know the correct pronunciation.
0null (...)
1en/ein (..)
2to (...)
3tre (...)
4fire (...)
5fem (femm)
6seks (sekks)
7sju (...)
Another variant (below) also in common use. New system
7syv (...)
Another variant (above) is slightly more common in some age groups and geographical regions. Old system
8åtte (...)
9ni (...)
10ti (...)
11elleve (ell-ve)
12tolv (tåll)
13tretten (...)
14fjorten (...)
15femten (...)
16seksten (seis-ten)
17sytten (søtt-en)
18atten (...)
19nitten (...)
20tjue (kju-e)
Note: Used in new counting system (see below)
20tyve (...)
Note: Used in old counting system (see below)
21 and on
Larger numbers than twenty can be written several ways in Norwegian. Sometimes each word is written separately. Sometimes hyphens are used. And sometimes, the whole number is written as one large word; there are two ways of counting from 21-99.
New counting system
The new counting is what most people use nowadays. And probably what they would consider using to someone having problems understanding. This is what you should learn.
21tjue en (kju-e en)
22tjue to (...)
23tjue tre (...)
Old counting system
The old counting system is slightly more illogical, but still quite a few people use it. Its popularity increases with the age of the speaker. Most people will probably revert to the new counting system if they realize the speaker is not fluent in Norwegian, but here it is for completeness (In English this system has been used in the past, but a change analogous to the new system in Norwegian occurred a long time ago, so few realise this now, although the reminders exist in the teen numbers and the Four and twenty blackbirds nursery rhyme).
21en og tyve (en å tyv-e)
22to og tyve (to å tyv-e)
23tre og tyve (...)
30tredve (old system)
30tretti (...) (new system)
Regardless of counting system
40førti (...)
50femti (...)
60seksti (...)
70sytti (...)
80åtti (...)
90nitti (...)
100(ett) hundre (...)
121(ett) hundre og 21 (100 å 21)
200to hundre (...)
300tre hundre (...)
1000ett tusen (...)
1021ett tusen og 21 (ett tu-sen å 21)
1100ett tusen ett hundre / elleve hundre (ett tu-sen ett hun-dre / ell-ve hun-dre)
1121ett tusen ett hundre og 21 (...)
2000to-tusen (...)
1,000,000en million (en milli-on)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)nummer _____ (tog, buss, etc) (nomm-er)
halfhalv (hall)
lessmindre (minn-dre)
moremer (...)

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