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Ordering Drinks in Norwegian Bar

Whilst inside a Norwegian speaking country and you need to purchase a refreshment at a bar or a store. It is good to be familiar with quite a few Norwegian terms to buy beverages. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Norwegian Language

Thirsty in Norway or maybe in a nation where they talk the Norwegian language? We now have listed useful Norwegian keyword phrases to order refreshments in Norwegian language.

Norwegian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Serverer dere alkohol? (...)
Is there table service?Kommer dere til bordene? (...)
A beer/two beers, please.Kan jeg få en/to øl? (...)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Kan jeg få et/to glass rødvin/hvitvin? (...)
A pint, please.Kan jeg få en halvliter? (hall-i-ter)
In a bottle, please.Kan jeg få det på flaske? (...)
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please.Kan jeg få _____ og _____? (...)
whiskeywhiskey (...)
vodkavodka (...)
rumrom (romm)
watervann (...)
club sodaclub soda (...)
tonic watertonic (...)
orange juiceappelsin juice (app-el-sin jus)
Coke (soda)Cola (brus) (...)
Do you have any bar snacks?Har du noe barsnacks? (...)
One more, please.Kan jeg få en til?. (...)
Another round, please.En runde til! (...)
When is closing time?Når stenger dere? (...)
Help, my hovercraft has been hijacked by angry dwarfs! Can I sleep at your place?Hjelp, mitt luftputefartøy har blitt kapret av sinte dverger! Kan jeg få sove hos deg? (...)

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