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About the Colours in Thai

While you are contemplating to take a shopping spree in Thailand or a Thai speaking region, be sure to master the colours in Thai language. Names of colors in Thai comes in really handy when you’re seeking for additional possible choices in many items your are planning to purchase. Learn More

From this particular website, it’s easy to quickly learn how to suggest the names a variety of colours in Thai. We hope by examining and understanding the Thai color chart below, you are able to tell many of the main colors in Thai.
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Thai Colours List

The word sii is often omitted in compounds like kaeng daeng (red curry).
blackสีดำ (sii dam)
whiteสีขาว (sii khao)
grayสีเทา (sii thao)
redสีแดง (sii daeng)
blueสีฟ้า/สีน้ำเงิน (sii faa (light-)/sii náhm-ngern(dark-)
yellowสีเหลือง (sii lueang)
greenสีเขียว (sii khiao)
orangeสีส้ม (sii som)
purpleสีม่วง (sii muang)
brownสีน้ำตาล (sii nam taan)

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