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Common Signs in Thai Language

Thinking to travel to a Thai speaking nation? Have you questioned if you will be ready to understand the road signs and symptoms in Thai or perhaps the normal signs inside an airport of your vacation location? Learn More

Our standard signs when it comes to Thai displays popular symbols in public areas and typical neighborhood signs or symptoms throughout Thailand. It is important to get acquainted with a majority of these signs before you make a trip to a Thai speaking region, because it can make it easier when you are getting behind the wheel or wandering, aid you in a serious event situation, or simply help make your personal life simpler when staying in Thailand or any other nation where people talk the Thai language. More Info
Thai Language Words

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List of Common Signs in Thai Language

Openเปิด (bpèrt)
Closedปิด (bpìt)
Entranceทางเข้า (taang-kâo)
Exitทางออก (taang-òk)
Pushผลัก (plàk)
Pullดึง (deung)
Toiletห้องน้ำ (hông náam)
Menผู้ชาย (pôo chaai)
Womenผู้หญิง (pôo yĭng)
Forbiddenห้าม (hâam)

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to check out a number of practical Thai holiday words which you’ll find arranged by category. For every travel word or phrase in Thai, you will find the English interpretation.

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