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Alphabet in Xhosa Language

Knowing the Xhosa alphabet is essential in learning the Xhosa Language. Xhosa alphabet configuration is practiced in a day-to-day conversation. Without the Xhosa alphabet, it is extremely hard to speak the Xhosa words correctly even if anyone understand how to write those key phrases in Xhosa. Learn More

Like in any language, the better you articulate a letter in a word, the easier grasped you’ll be in conversing in the Xhosa language. Here are a few links that redirects you to the Xhosa alphabet and exactly how it is actually pronounced in English.
Xhosa Language Words

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Vowels in Xhosa Alphabet

alike a in hard
elike e in red
ilike ee in seen
olike a in all
ulike oo in moon

Consonants in Xhosa Alphabet

d, f, h, j, l, m, nPronounced as in English
s, sh, v, w, y, zPronounced as in English
dlSimilar in sound to hl (see below)
galways like g in go
hlPlace your tongue to the side of your mouth and expel the air (like Welsh ll sound)
tsA hissing sound made by placing your tongue just above your teeth and ejecting air.
tshsimilar to dge in judge
tysimilar to dge in judge
rpronounced like "ch" in Reich

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Xhosa Alphabet

[table id=xhosa filter=”Special Consonant Cluste

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