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About Getting Directions in Xhosa Language

Whilst venturing in South Africa or any nation in which many people communicate in Xhosa, do you know how to get to your destination? Venturing in Xhosa-speaking places is usually thrilling and adventurous. Learn More

Nonetheless, it is good to know tips on how to request recommendations in Xhosa as well as really know what you happen to be explained to. Xhosa Phrases For Direction
Xhosa Language Words

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This valuable Xhosa vocab below will assist you to fully grasp directions in Xhosa.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Xhosa

jika ekhohlo ubese uya nganeno unyuke uqonde phezulu- turn left then u go right straight up
Jikela isekile- drive around the circle

Select the hyperlinks below to see a list of practical Xhosa holiday words which are structured by theme. For each holiday word or phrase in Xhosa, you will see the English translation.

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