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Alphabet in Yoruba Language

Knowing the Yoruba alphabet is crucial to learn the Yoruba Language. Yoruba alphabet configuration is put into use in a daily conversation. Without the Yoruba alphabet, it is difficult to speak the Yoruba words properly even if anyone understand how to write those words in Yoruba. Learn More

Like any language, the better a person pronounce a letter in a word, the better understood you’ll be in conversing in the Yoruba language. Here are some web links that directs you to the Yoruba alphabet and how it is pronounced in English.
Yoruba Language Words

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Vowels in Yoruba Alphabet

A[ah] like in the Spanish alphabet
E[a] like “a” in skate
[eh] like the first “e” elephant
I[ee] like in sweet
O[o] like “o” in sofa
[or] like the first “o” in octopus
U[u] like “u” in blue

Consonants in Yoruba Alphabet

B– [be] like in bed
D– [de] like in dead
F- [fe]
G- geh
Gb– [gbe] is a strong ‘b’ like sound as in the name of the NFL star Gbaja-Biamila
J- [ji] like "jee" in Jeep
K– [ki] like in kilo
L– [li] like in Lisa
M– [mi] like in Miso soup
N– [ni] like the word ‘knee’
P– [kpee] a strong 'p' unlike any sound in English.
R– [ri] like 'ree' in reef
S– [si] like the word 'see'
- [shi] like the letter 's' in the name of the singer, Sade.
T- [ti]
U- ooh
W- wee
Y- yee

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Yoruba Alphabet

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