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Learn How to Say Numbers in Yoruba Language

Would like to know the best way to say the contact numbers in Yoruba? You might want to count up to 20 in Yoruba. You’ll find listed the two written pronunciations of methods to talk about the figures when it comes to Yoruba language. We can easily actually show you ways to tell you large amounts in Yoruba simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Yoruba Language

We have virtually all the Yoruba numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you will have to read. More …

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To help make counting the numbers found in Yoruba easier, we now have separated the numbers in to scaled-down sections. Each of these web pages come with a quick online video you can watch to know the correct pronunciation.
(one)ọkan or ẹni or kan
(two)eji or meji
(fifteen) note: fourteen is the last number in Yoruba, besides those in the tenth position)mẹdogun
(sixteen) note: to make sixteen Yoruba will subtract four (mẹrin) from twenty (õgún)mẹrindilõgún
(twenty) note: Yoruba numbers uses increments of ten, but not like in English. It is shifted upward 15-24, 25-34, etc.õgún
(twenty one) note: to make twenty one Yoruba will add one (ọkan) to twenty (õgún)mọkanlelõgún
(twenty two)mejilelõgún
(twenty three)mẹtalelõgún
(twenty four)mẹrinlelõgún
(twenty five)mẹdọgbọn
(thirty one)mọkanlelọgbọn
(thirty five)márùndilogoji
(one hundred)ọgọrun

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