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About Yoruba Consonants Chart

Wish to know which are the consonants when it comes to Yoruba language? In articulatory phonetics, a Yoruba consonant is really a speech sound that is articulated using full or perhaps partial closure within the vocal region. The term consonant can also be used to make reference to a letter of the Yoruba alphabet which signifies a consonant sound. Learn More

Yoruba Consonants Chart

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Yoruba Consonants in Alphabet

B– [be] like in bed
D– [de] like in dead
F- [fe]
G- geh
Gb– [gbe] is a strong ‘b’ like sound as in the name of the NFL star Gbaja-Biamila
J- [ji] like "jee" in Jeep
K– [ki] like in kilo
L– [li] like in Lisa
M– [mi] like in Miso soup
N– [ni] like the word ‘knee’
P– [kpee] a strong 'p' unlike any sound in English.
R– [ri] like 'ree' in reef
S– [si] like the word 'see'
- [shi] like the letter 's' in the name of the singer, Sade.
T- [ti]
U- ooh
W- wee
Y- yee

Yoruba Diphthongs in Alphabet

Select the links directly below to check out a list of helpful Yoruba holiday phrases which you’ll find organized by theme. For every holiday phrase in Yoruba, you will find the actual English translation.

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