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About Common Belarussian Phrases in English For Travellers

Belarussian is actually a Very romantic language. This originated from Belarus however , spoken in lots of places world wide. Areas and cities that speak Belarussian does include Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Belarussian colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Belarussian Guiana in South America; Tahiti and numerous other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Belarussian is certainly utilised as the language of international diplomacy and communication, and even though replaced usually by English since World War II, it continues socially obligatory, needed by etiquette, for professional persons around the world to have some kind of degree of basic Belarussian experience.

Learn to Speak Belarussian Language Phrases

Do you want to figure out how to articulate in Belarussian language, when just beginning? Or perhaps should recall the Belarussian words you had mastered long time ago? From getting around on trains and buses to ordering dinner in a fabulous local cafe in Belarus or virtually any country where they talk the Belarussian Language, study the important Belarussian terms listed here to make your holiday simpler.

Belarussian Language Words

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Hello.Вітаю. (vee-TAH-you)
How are you?Як справы?? (yahk SPRAH-vy)
Fine, thank you.Добра, дзякуй . (DOH-brah, dzyah-KOO-ee)
What is your name?Як вас завуць? (yahk vahs ZAH-voots'?)
My name is ______.Мяне клічуць______ . (mianie klichuts'_____ .)
Nice to meet you.Прыемна пазнаёміцца. (priiemna paznaomitstsa)
Please.Калі ласка . (kah-lee LAHS-kah)
Thank you.Дзякую вам. (dziakuiu vam)
You're welcome!Няма за што! (niama za shto)
Yes.Так. (tak)
No.Не. (nyeh)
Excuse me. (getting attention)Даруйце. (daruitsye)
I'm sorry.Прабачце. (prabachtsie)
GoodbyeДа пабачэньня. (da pabachen'nya)
I don't speak____.Я не размаўляю______. (ya nie razmailiaiu)
Do you speak English?Ці размаўляеце па-ангельску ? (tsi razmawliaietsie pa-anhiel'sku?)
Help!Дапамога! (dapamoha!)
Good day.Дабрыдзень. (dabrydzien)
Good morning.Добрай раніцы. (dobray ranitsy)
Good evening.Добры вечар. (dobry viechar)
Good night.Дабранач. (dabranach)
I don't understand anything.Я нічога не разумею. (ya nichoha nie razumieiu)
Where is the toilet?Дзе туалет? (dzyeh tualyet??)

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