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Ordering Drinks in Belarussian Bar

While in a Belarussian speaking location and you have to purchase a beverage at the bar or maybe a store. It’s great to understand some Belarussian terms to purchase cocktails. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Belarussian Language

Dehydrated in Belarus or maybe in a country where people talk the Belarussian language? We have got detailed helpful Belarussian key phrases to order refreshments in Belarussian language.

Belarussian Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Вы спіртныя напоі? (vih SPEER-tniah NAH-poy?)
Is there table service?Ёсць табліца паслугу? (yohsts' tah-BLEE-tsah pahs-LOO-goo?)
A beer/two beers, please.Піва/два піва, калі ласка. (PEE-vah/dvah PEE-vah, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Стакан чырвонага/белага віна, калі ласка. (STAH-kahn chihr-VOH-nah-gah/byeh-LAH-gah VEE-nah, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)
A pint, please.Пінта, калі ласка. (PEEHN-tah, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)
A bottle, please.Бутэлька, калі ласка. (boo-TEHL'kah, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)
whiskeyвіскі (VEES-kee)
vodkaгарэлка (hah-REHL-kah)
rumРом (rohm)
waterвада (VAH-dah)
club sodaсодовую (soh-DOH-vuiu)
tonic waterТонік (TOH-neek)
orange juiceапельсінавы сок (apehl'-SEE-nah-vih sohk)
Coke (soda)Кок (kohk)
Do you have any bar snacks?Ці ёсць у Вас Бар закускамі? (tsee yohsts' oo vahs bahr zah-KOOS-kah-mee?)
One more, please.Яшчэ адзін, калі ласка. (YAHSH-cheh AHD-zeen, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)
Another round, please.Яшчэ адзін раунд, калі ласка. (YAHSH-cheh AHD-zeen RAH-oond, KAH-lee LAHS-kah)
When is closing time?Пры закрыцці? (prih zah-KRIHTS-tsee?)
Cheers!Ура! (OO-rah!)
Do you serve alcohol? Udskænker I alkohol?
Is there table service? Serverer I ved bordene?
A beer/two beers, please. En øl/to øl, tak.
A glass of red/white wine, please. Et glas rødvin/hvidvin, tak.
A pint, please. En stor fadøl, tak.
A bottle, please. En flaske, tak.
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please. _____ og _____, tak.
whiskey whiskey
vodka vodka
rum rom
water vand
club soda sodavand
tonic water tonic vand
orange juice appelsinjuice
Coke (soda) Cola
Do you have any bar snacks? Har I snacks?
One more, please. En til, tak.
Another round, please. En omgang til, tak.
When is closing time? Hvornår lukker I?

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