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Alphabet in Dhivehi Language

Knowing the Dhivehi alphabet is necessary to learn the Dhivehi Language. Dhivehi alphabet configuration is practiced in a daily conversation. Without the Dhivehi alphabet, it is extremely hard to say the Dhivehi terms properly even if anyone know how to write those words in Dhivehi. Learn More

Like in any language, the better you articulate a letter in a word, the easier grasped you’ll be in talking the Dhivehi language. Underneath are web links that guides you to the Dhivehi alphabet and exactly how it can be pronounced in English.
Dhivehi Language Words

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Vowels in Dhivehi Alphabet

aas in up
aa (ā)as in arm
ias in if
ee (ī)as in eel
uas in put
oo (ū)as in cartoon
eas in egg
ey (ē)as in hey
oas in of
oa (ō)as in born

Consonants in Dhivehi Alphabet

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Dhivehi Alphabet

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