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Learn How to Say Numbers in Dhivehi Language

Want to find out how to pronounce the actual contact numbers in Dhivehi? You may want to add up to 20 in Dhivehi. We now have included the two written pronunciations of how to state the actual figures when it comes to Dhivehi language. It is possible to even explain to you how to tell you great amounts in Dhivehi easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Dhivehi Language

We’ve got pretty much all the Dhivehi numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you’ll want to study. More …

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To help make counting the numbers when it comes to Dhivehi easier for you, we have now split up the numbers in to smaller-sized parts. Each of these web pages have a brief video recording you can watch to determine the proper pronunciation.
1one (Ekeh)
2two (Dehyh)
3three (Thineh)
4four (Hathareh)
5five (Faheh)
6six (Hayeh)
7seven (Hatheh)
8eight (Asheh)
9nine (Nuvaeh)
10ten (Dhihaeh)
11eleven (Egaara)
12twelve (Baara)
13thirteen (Theyra)
14fourteen (Saadha)
15fifteen (Fanara)
16sixteen (Soalha)
17seventeen (Sathaara)
18eighteen (Ashaara)
19nineteen (Navaara)
20twenty (Vihi)
21twenty one (Ekaavees)
22twenty two (Baavees)
23twenty three (Theyvees)
30thirty (Thirees)
40forty (Saalhees)
50fifty (Fansaas)
60sixty (Fasdholhos)
70seventy (Haiydhiha)
80eighty (Addiha)
90ninety (Nuvadhiha)
100one hundred (Satheyka)
200two hundred (Dhuisaththa)
300three hundred (Thin Satheyka)
1000one thousand (Enchaas')
2000two thousand (Dhehaas)
1,000,000one million (Ehmilian)
1,000,000,000one thousand million in UK, one billion in USA
1,000,000,000,000one billion in UK, one trillion in USA
one billion in UK, one trillion in USAnumber _____ (train, bus, etc.)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)number _____ (...)
number _____ (...)half
halfeh bai
eh bailess

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