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Ordering Drinks in Dhivehi Bar

When in a Dhivehi speaking destination and you have to obtain a refreshment at a bar or perhaps a shop. It’s essential to be familiar with a few Dhivehi key phrases to purchase cold drinks. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Dhivehi Language

Thirsty in Maldives or maybe in a nation where people talk the Dhivehi language? We have got listed valuable Dhivehi terms to order drinks in Dhivehi language.

Dhivehi Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Mithaaga raa vihkan tha? (...)
Is there table service?Is there table service? (...)
A beer/two beers, please.Biareh/dhe Biaru, libidhaanetha. (...)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Red/white wine thahteh dhehvaa. (...)
A pint, please.A pint, please. (...)
A bottle, please.A bottle, please. (...)
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please._____ and _____, please. (...)
whiskeywhiskey (...)
vodkavoduka (...)
rumrum (...)
waterfenn (...)
club sodaclub soda (...)
tonic watertonic water (...)
orange juiceorange juice (...)
Coke (soda)Coke (...)
Do you have any bar snacks?Do you have any bar snacks? (...)
One more, please.Adhi ekathi dhehvaa. (...)
Another round, please.Ehen bureh dhehvaa. (...)
When is closing time?Bandhu kurany kon gadiaku? (...)
Cheers!Cheers! (...)

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