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Do you know what exactly to mention if you find yourself having trouble in Dhivehi? You may be in a scenario where anyone is troubling you or perhaps you had misplaced your travelling bag inside a nation in which they speak Dhivehi. Learn More

You don’t have to get worried. We collected a list of Dhivehi words which can be used in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Dhivehi Language

Leave me alone.aharen ekani dhukoh laa . (...)
Don't touch me!aharen gaiga aie nulaa (...)
I'll call the police.aharen fuluhun nah gulhaanan. (...)
Police!sifain! (...)
Stop! Thief!huttey! vageh! (...)
I need your help.ahanah thibaage eheetheri kan beynun. (...)
It's an emergency.mee kulli haalatheh. (...)
I'm lost.aharen miulhenee gelligen. (...)
I lost my bag.aharen ge dhabas gelije. (...)
I lost my wallet.aharenge laari dhabas gellije. (...)
I'm sick.aharen miulhenee balive. (...)
I've been injured.aharennah haanika vejje . (...)
I need a doctor.aharen doctor eh beynun. (...)
Can I use your phone?ahannah thi phoanu beynun kollevi dhaane tha? (...)

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