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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Dutch Language

Desire to reserve a hotel room in The Netherlands? Find out how to say, I wish to book an accommodation in Dutch? Practical Dutch vocab when it comes to making your reservation for a room in resorts or wanting to request a room with a deck. Learn More

Together with the Dutch holiday accommodation similar keyword phrases below, you’ll get to ask your questions in Dutch. Some of these inquiries include: “how many nights you will be booking for?” and “how much would it cost to book a room?” Subsequently, you will be able to understand the replies in Dutch.
Dutch Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Heeft u kamers vrij? (hayft uu KAH-murs vraiy)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Hoeveel kost een eenpersoonskamer/tweepersoonskamer? (HOO-vale kost uhn ANE-pur-sones-kah-mur/TWAY-pur-sones-kah-mur)
Does the room come with bedsheetsZijn er lakens in de kamer? (zaiyn uhr LAH-kuns in duh KAH-mur)
Does the room come with...Is er een ... in de kamer? (is uhr uhn ... in duh KAH-mur)
...a bathroom?...een badkamer (...uhn BAHT-kah-mur)
...a telephone?...een telefoon (...uhn tay-lay-FONE)
...a TV?...een TV (...uhn tay-VAY)
May I see the room first?Mag ik de kamer eerst zien? (Magh ick ayrst duh KAH-mur zene)
Do you have anything quieterHeeft u iets rustigers? (hayft uu eets RUSS-tih-ghur)
Do you have anything...Heeft u een ... kamer? (hayft uu uhn ... KAH-mur)
...bigger?...groter? (...GHROH-turr)
...cleaner?...schoner? (...SGHONE-uhr)
...cheaper?...goedkoper? (...ghoot-KOWE-pur)
OK, I'll take it.Goed, ik neem deze. (ghoot ick name DAY-zuh)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Ik blijf _____ nacht(en). (ick blaiyf _____ naght(uhn))
Can you suggest another hotel?Kan u mij een ander hotel aanraden? (Kan uu maiy uhn ahn-DUR howe-TEL AHN-rah-dun)
Do you have a safe?Heeft u een kluis? (hayft uu uhn kluys)
...lockers?...baggagekastjes? (bah-GHAH-zuh-kass-tyus)
Is breakfast/supper included?Is het ontbijt/avondeten inbegrepen? (is hut ont-BAIYT/AH-vund-ay-tun IN-buh-gray-pun)
What time is breakfast/supper?Hoe laat is het ontbijt/avondeten? (hoo laht is hut ont-BAIYT/AH-vund-ay-tun)
Please clean my room.Kunt u mijn kamer schoonmaken. (kunt uu maiyn KAH-mur SGHONE-mah-kun)
Can you wake me at _____?Kunt u mij wekken om _____? (kunt uu maiy WEH-kun om _____)
I want to check out.Ik wil vertrekken. (ick wil vur-TRECK-un)

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