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How to say money in Dutch

Would like to know the Dutch term for cash? we’ve got right here a number of Dutch cash associated terms you most likely are in need of whenever going in Dutch speaking cities. Learn More

Travel is normally very pricey, for this reason it is essential to get a fine knowledge of Dutch words and phrases for money related matters just like trading money and business banking. More Info
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Just about every country world wide features its own monetary system. Dealing with money in Dutch speaking cities is the most common banking importance of people going abroad. Consequently, it is essential that you obtain the most your money can buy by getting knowledgeable about these familiar monetary phrases in Dutch.

Dealing With Money in Dutch

You will find there’s list of Dutch phrases which you can use when changing money in The Netherlands or maybe when pruchasing a little something in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Kan ik met Amerikaanse/Australische/Canadese dollars betalen? (kahn ick met ah-MAY-ree-kahn-suh/aus-TRAH-lee-shuh/cah-NAH-day-suh DOH-lars buh-TAH-lun)
Do you accept British pounds?Kan ik met Britse ponden betalen? (kahn ick met BRIT-suh PON-dun buh-TAH-lun)
Do you accept credit cards?{Flanders} Kan ik met een kredietkaart betalen? (kahn ick met uhn kray-DEET-kahrt buh-TAH-lun)/ {Netherlands} Kan ik met een credit card betalen? (kahn ick met uhn KREH-dit kart buh-TAH-lun)
Can you change money for me?Kan u geld wisselen? (kahn uu ghelt WIS-suh-lun)
Where can I get money changed?Waar kan ik geld wisselen? (wahr kahn ick ghelt WIS-suh-lun)
Can you change a traveler's cheque for me?Kan u een traveller's check wisselen? (kahn uu uhn TREH-vuh-lurs chek WIS-uh-lun)
Where can I get a traveler's cheque changed?Waar kan ik een traveller's check wisselen? (wahr kahn ick uhn TREH-vuh-lurs chek WIS-uh-lun)
What is the exchange rate?Wat is de wisselkoers? (wat is duh WIS-ul-koors)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Waar vind ik een geldautomaat? (wahr vint ick uhn GHELT-oh-toh-maht)

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