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Learn How to Say Numbers in Dutch Language

Want to find out how you can voice the actual telephone numbers in Dutch? You might want to count up to 12 in Dutch. We have now listed the two written pronunciations of how to talk about the numbers when it comes to Dutch language. We are able to even provide you with ways to pronounce major figures in Dutch easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Dutch Language

We have virtually all the Dutch numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, directly below that you’ll need to find out. More …

Dutch Language Words

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In order to make counting the numbers found in Dutch easier, we certainly have categorised the numbers in to scaled-down areas. Each of these pages contain a short video recording you can enjoy to determine the correct pronunciation.
1een (AIN)
2twee (TWAY)
3drie (DREE)
4vier (VEER)
5vijf (VAYF)
6zes (ZEHS)
7zeven (ZAY-vuhn)
8acht (AHGT)
9negen (NAY-guhn)
10tien (TEEN)
11elf (ELF)
12twaalf (TWAHLF)
13dertien (DEHR-teen)
14veertien (VAYR-teen)
15vijftien (VAYF-teen)
16zestien (ZEHS-teen)
17zeventien (ZAY-vuhn-teen)
18achttien (AHGT-teen)
19negentien (NAY-guhn-teen)
20twintig (TWIN-tuhg)
21eenentwintig (AIN-uhn-TWIN-tuhg)
22twee├źntwintig (TWAY-uhn-TWIN-tuhg)
23drieentwintig (DREE-uhn-TWIN-tuhg)
30dertig (DEHR-tuhg)
40veertig (VAYR-tuhg)
50vijftig (VAYF-tuhg)
60zestig (ZEHS-tuhg)
70zeventig (ZAY-vuhn-tuhg)
80tachtig (TAHG-tuhg)
90negentig (NAY-guhn-tuhg)
100honderd (HON-duhrt)
200tweehonderd (TWAY-hon-duhrt)
300driehonderd (DREE-hon-duhrt)
1000duizend (DIGH-zuhnt)
2000tweeduizend (TWAY-digh-zuhnt)
1,000,000een miljoen (uhn mil-YOON)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)nummer _____ (NUHM-muhr)
halfde helft (duh HELFT)
lessminder (MIN-duhr)
moremeer (MAYR)

Click on the hyperlinks below to see a list of helpful Dutch holiday keyword phrases which you’ll find structured by category. For each travel word or phrase in Dutch, you will find the actual English translation.

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