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About Common Dutch Phrases in English For Travellers

Dutch is truly a Beautiful language. It started in The Netherlands but spoken in lots of regions around the world. Places and cities that speak Dutch is composed of Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Dutch colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Dutch Guiana in South America; Tahiti and numerous other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Dutch is almost certainly employed as the language of global diplomacy and communication, and even though replaced largely by English since World War II, it remains socially de rigueur, needed by etiquette, for proficient persons internationally to have some level of basic Dutch skill.

Learn to Speak Dutch Language Phrases

Do you need to quickly learn how to speak in Dutch language, when getting started? Or maybe have to recall the Dutch terms you had learnt years ago? From making your way around on trains and buses to placing your order a meal in a local cafe in The Netherlands or any region where they speak the Dutch Language, find out the important Dutch terms listed here to make your holiday simpler.

Dutch Language Words

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Hello.Hallo. (HAH-low)
How are you?Hoe maakt u het? (hoo MAHKT uu hut?)
How are you? (informal)Hoe gaat het? (hoo GAHT hut?)
Fine, thank you.Goed, dank u. (GOOT dahnk uu)
Fine, thank you. (informal)Goed, dank je. (GOOT dahnk yuh)
What is your name?Hoe heet u? (hoo HAYT uu?)
What is your name? (informal)Hoe heet je? (hoo HAYT yuh?)
My name is ______ .Mijn naam is ______ . (meyn NAHM is _____ .)
Nice to meet you.Aangenaam kennis te maken. (AHN-guh-nahm KEH-nis tuh MAH-kun), or simply Aangenaam (AHN-guh-nahm)
Please.Alstublieft. (AHL-stuu-BLEEFT)
Thank you.Dank u. (DAHNK uu)
Thank you. (informal)Dank je. (DAHNK yuh)
You're welcome.Graag gedaan. (GRAHG guh-DAHN) - Most of the time in Dutch, people will say "alstublieft" when they give you something; before that, you say "dank je": this also means You're welcome
Yes.Ja. (YAH)
No.Nee. (NAY)
Excuse me. (getting attention)Mag ik even uw aandacht. (mahg ick AY-vuhn uuw AHN-daght ) or simply Pardon (PAR-don)
Excuse me. (begging pardon)Sorry. (SOH-ree)
I'm sorry.het spijt me. (...) or simply Sorry. (SOH-ree)
GoodbyeTot ziens. (TOT seens)
I can't speak Dutch.Ik spreek geen Nederlands. (ick SPRAYK gayn NAY-dur-lahnts)
I can't speak Dutch well.Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands. (ick SPRAYK neet goot NAY-dur-lahnts)
Do you speak English?Spreekt u Engels? (SPRAYKT uu ENG-uls?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?Spreekt hier iemand Engels? (SPRAYKT heer EE-mahnt ENG-uls?)
Help!Help! (HEHLP!)
Good morning.Goedemorgen. (GOO-duh-MORE-gun)
Good afternoon.Goedemiddag (GOO-duh-MIH-dahgh)
Good evening.Goedenavond. (Goo-duh-NAH-vunt)
Good night.Goede nacht. (Goo-duh-NAHGt)
Good night (to sleep)Slaap lekker. (SLAHP LECK-uhr)
I don't understand.Ik begrijp het niet. (ick buh-GRAYP hut neet)
Where is the toilet?Waar is het toilet? (wahr is hut twah-LET?)

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