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About the Colours in Finnish

If you find yourself planning to go on a shopping spree in Finland or a Finnish speaking nation, make sure you master the colours in Finnish language. The names of colours in Finnish comes in very handy when you find yourself looking for additional options in several items your are considering to buy. Learn More

On this website, you’re able to know how to suggest the names a variety of colors in Finnish. We hope that by examining and learning the Finnish color chart beneath, you’ll be able to know all the main colors in Finnish.
Finnish Language Words

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Finnish Colours List

blackmusta (MOOS-tah)
whitevalkoinen (VAHL-koy-nehn)
grayharmaa (HAHR-mah)
redpunainen (POO-nigh-nehn)
bluesininen (SEE-nee-nehn)
yellowkeltainen (KEHL-tigh-nehn)
greenvihreƤ (VEEHH-reh-a)
orangeoranssi (OH-rahns-see)
purplevioletti (VEE-oh-leht-tee)
brownruskea (ROOS-keh-ah)
pinkpinkki (PEENK-kee)

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