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About Finnish Consonants Chart

Wish to know what are the consonants in Finnish language? In articulatory phonetics, the Finnish consonant is actually a speech sound which is articulated with full as well as partial closure of the vocal system. The term consonant can be used to relate to a letter of a Finnish alphabet that denotes a consonant sound. Learn More

Finnish Consonants Chart

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Finnish Consonants in Alphabet

If a Finnish consonant is doubled, it should be pronounced lengthened. For plosives like p, t, k, this means getting your mouth ready to say it, but pausing for a moment.
Hence mato (worm) is "MA-to", but matto (carpet) is "MAT-to".
b c d fpronounced as in English (never used in native Finnish words, except d)
glike g in get (never used in native Finnish words, except the digraph ng, see below)
hlike h in hotel, pronounced more strongly before a consonant
jlike y in yes
ksimilar to English k, but unaspirated and slightly voiced
kspronounced like English x
l m npronounced as in English
nk ngpronounced like ng in sing
psimilar to English p, but unaspirated and slightly voiced
rtrilled, as in Spanish perro
slike ss in hiss
tpronounced as in English
v wlike v in vine
zlike ts in cats (not used in native Finnish words)

Finnish Diphthongs in Alphabet

Diphthongs (vowel sequences) like the uo of Suomi (Finland) are common. They retain the individual sounds of their vowels, but are slightly blended together to be pronounced in one "beat".

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